3 Ways User Authentication can Enhance Business Efficiency

3 Ways User Authentication can Enhance Business Efficiency

How can User Authentication enhance business efficiency, reducing waste and control printing costs? All this while safely handling sensitive financial information?

Customized by User.

A great way to control more of your copier is by registering User Accounts. By doing this you can turn on additional functions that were not visible before. Photocopiers with an id and password set-up have a more customized user experience. This is similar to you organizing the apps on your phone. Customization can be convenient and improve security by limiting access to specific functions that you are not interested in.

Implement Security Features.

Document security challenges are an existing issue in any organization.  Therefore about two thirds of IT decision-makers agree that security is a top concern.  Many IT people know of at least one time when documents have been lost, either,  inside or outside the company by an employee. However by enabling authentication you restrict access to unregistered users and prevent unwanted printing of confidential records or sensitive financial information.

Reduce Waste/Control Costs.

Large number of companies are concerned about wasteful printing. Thus User Authentication is a great tool to avoid this problem. An examples of this is limiting some of the users to print and copy in B/W only. With user-id and password enabled, administrators can provide them with access to only what an employee needs. For instance blocking all colour copying. Additionally, administrators can allot monthly quotas to the users which can reduce unnecessary printing.

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