4 Tips for Selecting the Right Photocopier for Your Law Firm


4 Tips for Selecting the Right Photocopier for Your Law Firm

Every law firm needs a copier for their operations. There are a lot of options available on the internet when it comes to buying an MFP. However, it’s very hard to select the right copier that suits the requirement of your legal operations a little more complicated.

Here are 4 tips to be sure that you are selecting the best Multifunctional Photocopier for your law firm.

Output speed

While choosing a copier for your law office, printing speed (pages per minute) should be a key consideration. Choose a device capable of keeping pace with your printing needs. You need to determine your regular and peak output volumes before selecting a copier that suits your requirements.  Also, research about the paper storage capacity of the copier, the ability to print different paper sizes and various different paper types.

Scanning Capacity and speed

Scanning is an integral part of operations in a legal firm. Look for a unit that has an Automatic Document Feeder and a minimum 100 sheet capacity for scanning. The unit should be able handle large scanning jobs, while also printing and handling incoming faxes. Make sure the unit you are buying is compatible with the software you use for document management.

Scanning Resolution

Scanning resolution is also one of the major factors when you are selecting a copier for your legal firm.  Look for a copier that has a resolution of at least 600 dpi (dots per inch). This will give you the best image of your customer’s documents.


While choosing the right copier for your law firm it is also essential to select the right maintenance provider. Choose a provider that performs regular maintenance on the unit without having to ask. Look into the key factors like service response times, supplies delivery and remote troubleshooting. Request a copy of their agreement to see what is covered under the service and what is not.

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