5 Tips For Staying Productive During Covid-19

5 Tips For Staying Productive During Covid-19


COVID-19 has altered the landscape of work and this change has resulted in working from home for many of us. Some are already used to working from home while for some it is a completely new practice. Below are 5 tips that can help to stay productive while working from home:

  1. Designate your workspace to a specific area in your home. Make your work space a stress free zone where you can concentrate and focus more. This will also help you not to affect the lives of other members of the household. In case you don’t have a separate room, try and find a spot with less traffic or a corner of the room.
  2.  Reduce interruptions as they can cause you to lose your focus, fall behind on a deadline or procrastinate. Notify your friends and family that you are unavailable during work hours and should not be interrupted.
  3. While it’s important to stay updated on what’s happening around us, our brain needs more than the news related to this pandemic. Now is the perfect time to sharpen your skills. Take an online course during the time you would be otherwise spending in traffic, at the gym or hanging out with friends and family. In fact, many of the online schools are offering courses for free or with big discounts right now.
  4. Make sure you take effective breaks to be more productive. Take a 15 minute walk once or twice a day especially whenever you are feeling exhausted or indecisive.
  5. Whether working from the office or from home, document management is a major part of work. You might need to print or scan documents to send to a client or a colleague. Now would be a good time to invest in MFP now available in smaller sizes for your home office. Most of the copiers today come with the features like print, copy, scan and Fax. Some of the newer models also have ability to print and scan from a mobile device (Air Print and Google Cloud Print). This in turn can reduce stress and make managing documents simple as using a toaster

So, these are our 5 Tips For Staying Productive during the pandemic.

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