Copiers and their Capabilities

Copiers and their Capabilities

Copier / Photocopiers are extremely complicated pieces of equipment and have many features that most people may be unaware of. Below are the most common features that Copier / Photocopiers have that you may or may not be aware of.

Print and Copy

The inherent function present in every Copier / Photocopier today. This is the largest used function in the copiers. But there are many more ways to do this than most realize. Examples of some additional options when Printing or Copying are: Duplex – Print on both sides, ID Copy – Can print both sides of an ID on one side of a page, Scaling – Print multiple pages on one sheet.


It self not a widely used function anymore. But newer copiers have additional options where you can do more with faxes. The biggest of these is the ability to forward faxes to an email or to your computer without ever having to print it.

Air Print, Google Print and Cloud Print

Copiers today have the functionality of printing and scanning documents directly to and from the phone. Thereby increasing the scope of what these devices can accomplish and making the process of converting documents from digital to physical or vice versa much less complicated.

Stapling and Hole punching

Copier also come with the option of stapling and / or hole punching what you print . A crucial function for a busy office. Thus reducing the need of manual stapling and hole punching, resulting in increased operational efficiency.

USB Connectivity

This is a big advantage in cases where you are unable to print from a computer or smart device and need to print something urgently. This may be for a meeting, a presentation or you need to scan some crucial paperwork to send to a client. Most newer printers come with a feature where you can use a USB stick and print from or scan into.


This is where digital copiers can really maximize efficiency. Modern copiers have features like Scan to Email which makes it easier to share documents in the company and with customers. Moreover, by converting paper documents into digital form, it becomes easier to find and track them.

When you are considering a copier for your new office or you are planning to upgrade your existing unit, consider the features that can maximize operational efficiency for your organization.

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