Advantages of Leasing an Multi-Function Photocopier (MFP)

Advantages of Leasing an Multi-Function Photocopier (MFP)

Leasing is often the best approach of getting the right technology into your office. Here are some benefits of leasing a Multi-Function Copier

  1. No need to wait until you have enough capital to make an outright purchase. Leasing helps you take advantage of technology to grow your business now instead of waiting.
  2. Leasing helps in reducing Startup costs. By spreading you cost over the entire leasing period the initial expense is small. This allows you to get the equipment quickly at a fixed monthly charge.
  3. Technology is changing rapidly. The right leasing program gives you the option of upgrading the equipment any time during the lease. When a new and improved technology comes in the market, you can upgrade your lease rather than waiting for you lease to expire.
  4. Your organization’s increased cash flow will create better profit-generating activities, emergency needs, and investments.
  5. Lease has tax benefits as it is considered as pre-tax business expense, which you deduct a lease payment each time it’s made.
  6. When the lease ends you have an option of buying the unit, upgrading it or returning it.

# Leasing a Multi-Function Copier

We are currently offering 90 days no payment option on all your new leases! Call us today @ 905-624-3188 and we can provide a customized solution based on your needs.

You can also browse our Lease options and additional Service Options. Feel free to Contact-Us for a free quote.

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