Refurbished Copiers.. Are they Worth It?

Refurbished Copiers.. Are they Worth It?

Refurbished Photocopiers are a great value for money. The most important point being, that a refurbished copier does everything just like a brand-new copier.  A refurbished copier is a lightly used unit that go through a very in-depth testing procedure. Therefore they get tested for functionality and defects before they are sent out for reselling or rentals. We know a lot of questions comes to mind when it comes to buying used equipment. Below we elaborate on some of the key benefits of opting for a refurbished photocopier.

Cost – Refurbished copiers are way cheaper than new ones. Therefore we at Copier Earth have options of renting them out on monthly basis which cover you for all supplies and maintenance for less than a new copier. In addition we provide photocopiers on short-term rentals for production shows and events in GTA at low cost without having to enter in a long term commitment.

Recycling Benefits – When companies choose to refurbish Copiers, Mother Earth receives all the advantages that recycling provides. Photocopiers are mostly made of plastics and when they are disposed it adds up to global waste. Thus by choosing to buy a Refurbished copier with us you are not helping your business lower cost, but are helping the planet by reducing waste in the world.

Copier Earth is one of the largest resellers of Photocopiers in GTA. We have been in the business for 10 years and has proudly refurbished more than 10,000 Copiers.

Call us today @ 1800-591-COPY (2679)!! and we can help you in choosing the best copier that suits your requirements and also gives you best value for your money.

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