Securing your Multi-Function Copier

Securing your Multi-Function Copier

Copiers are the center of document management in many offices. Most of the printers today have features like print, copy, scan and fax. These copiers can be hooked to networked so that devices on the same network can print wirelessly. Using network printers makes good business sense since companies can purchase or lease fewer machines. However, these copiers can be a liability if companies do not take steps to secure them. Here are some tips on how multi function printers can be secured.

  • Change default administrator login for the printer.
  • Check for copier software updates. Printer manufacturers release updates for their copiers. Apart from adding new features, firmware updates also provides security patches to defend against vulnerabilities which can be used to hack your printer.
  • Ensure that your copier is covered by firewall and network security protocols
  • Implement a user authentication system to eliminate unauthorized access
  • Most copiers today come with features like secure printing. This feature is really useful when you are printing confidential documents as it needs a code which can be only be accessed by the user giving print command. This helps in reducing the possibility of loss of sensitive documents

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