Top Remote Desktop Software?

Top Remote Desktop Software?

The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in a surge of people working from home. With the emergence of this new setup, the need for remote desktop software has expanded. Remote desktop software or Remote access software, lets you completely remote control one computer from another.  The program offers complete control – you can take the access of keyboard and mouse of the remote computer and use the computer you have a connected to just like your own. Here are our top picks for remote access software:

Chrome Remote Desktop

An extension of chrome browser which allows to set remote access from any other computer running Google Chrome.  It offers multi-monitor support and includes file transfer tool. .One of the major drawbacks of the program is that it does not offer chat feature which most remote desktop applications have.


AnyDesk is a remote program that can be run portably or can be installed like a program. It provides the capability for both file and audio transfer.  It also gives an option of recording remote sessions.  The software updates automatically so you always have the latest version.


It is the easiest program to use for remote access. The software is quick and can be easily setup. It can be installed as a potable application. The program also gives option of remotely logging off and rebooting the computer. Some of the limitations include no chat support, limited connection times in free version, no remote printing and no file transfer support in free version.

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