What’s the difference between a copier and a printer?

What’s the difference between a copier and a printer?

Many people use the words copier and printer interchangeably and although a lot of products have both features, there are distinct differences between them. 
We want to ensure you’re set up for success and are purchasing the product you need. 

What’s a Copier?
A copier is a device that is able to reprint and replicate an existing page that you have. You scan it and it makes exact copies of something. 


What’s a Printer?
A printer is a machine that is able to print text or pictures from another source – normally a computer or a series of computers that is linked to it.
A printer can be wirelessly connected or physically linked to a computer. 

Both a copier and a printer play vital roles in the success of a business. 
Although they are two different types of machines – many of them (probably most office ones) come with both capabilities intertwined. If you’re looking for a printer and copier combined, you’ve come to the right place.


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