Why does a Photocopier Jam?

Why does a Photocopier Jam?

Multi-function Copiers are a significant part of smooth operations in many offices today. They are at the center of document management. If you own or use a copier, you must be aware of paper jamming. It is frustrating and it always seems to happen during a deadline. We have listed some reasons why photocopier jams below:

Misaligned Paper – When the stack of paper is not properly aligned, it causes a paper Jam. When adding paper, make sure you fan it and avoid overstuffing the tray. A Majority of copier technicians recommend that you should first load half ream in the tray and then the rest making sure that the bottom lot does not shift and paper is stacked properly.

Paper Dust – Paper Dust is one the major causes of Jamming in Multi-function Printers. The dust collects on rollers and sensors over time and leads to jams. Businesses try to cut cost by using cheap paper. While cheap paper might increase your savings, it is not so great for your copier as low-quality paper generates more dust. Apart from Jamming, paper dust can also cause copy quality problems

Moist paper – Make sure you use clean, moisture-free paper. Moist or dirty paper is most likely to cause jams in the photocopiers

Dirty paper trays and Rollers – Keep the paper trays clean. The dirt from the trays will make its way to the roller causing slippage and accumulation of debris on rollers resulting in Jams.

Staples and Paper Clips – When small metal objects like staples or paper clips get inside the copier, they can cause jams. Even worse, it can damage parts. Sometimes these metal objects scratch the drums or leave a cut on the fuser resulting in quality issues. In some cases, the parts need replacement which can result in a big expense and downtime for your business. Make sure to check that the paper is free of staples and small clips while scanning or copying.

A copier service provider like Copier Earth can put a stop to copier paper jam problems caused by worn parts. We have certified and experienced technicians on board who will ensure that your Multi-function copier runs smoothly.

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