Maintaining your Office Photocopier!

Maintaining your Office Photocopier!

Office photocopiers are an important part of smooth office operations. Almost all of us faced a time where we had to deal with a broken office copier. Here are some tips that can help you in running your office photocopier smoothly:


If the copier hasn’t been used for several days, it is recommended to run a few test prints before using the copier intensively. Majority of copiers when left idle for a period of time, go into a sleep mode and initiate calibration mode once started up again. The machine does this to ensure that you get the most optimal quality on your next print out.

Choosing a Copier that suits your needs              

In some cases, the copiers break down because the machine is not well-suited for the demands of office members. If you have a copier that regularly breaks down, overuse could be the reason. Always remember, a cheap copier might result in repeated repairs in long run. It is always better to invest in equipment that will keep up with your growing demand.

Regular cleaning

Handle the photocopier with care. Regular cleaning of the machine’s exterior and cleaning of bypass and exit trays will help the increasing the life of your copier. Whenever clearing jams, be sure you retrieve all parts of the page that has jammed. Even the tiniest scrap of paper left inside the paper path can cause damage during your next copy run.

Copier Earth has maintenance plans that can be customized according to your business needs. All our maintenance plans include toner, labor, parts replacement, online troubleshooting and onsite visits. Having a professional care for your equipment can extend its live by years saving you lots of money in the long run.

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