Institutional Stability and Knowledge

Institutional Stability and Knowledge

We at Copier Earth Ltd. and our partners have been serving the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) for more than 10 years. Over time we have created a solid foundation and a strong institutional knowledge bank. This has helped us to support corporations, both small and large, with their Multi-functional Printer needs.

Our Tech staff has years of experience on Canon, Ricoh, Bother, Samsung and other Multifuntion Photocopiers products. We sell and service both Black and White and Colour type models. Our Tech’s qualifications include support certifications and team management on a national level.

Since we deal directly with Multifuntion Photocopier Manufacturers, we are able to transfer the savings from our Canon, Ricoh, Samsung, Brother and other Brand Manufacturers directly to our customers.

We currently have hundreds of satisfied clients all across the GTA and have a wealth of experience behind. This has allowed us to support various professionals, including; Accounting Firms, Law Offices, Print Shops, Real Estate Offices, etc. With this experience we are able to cater to your businesses specific and professional needs

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