Multifunction Photocopier – Inkjet or Laser?

Multifunction Photocopier – Inkjet or Laser?

Document Management is one of the key requirements for any office. (Print, Copy and Scan). Covid-19 has altered the landscape of business. Lot of people have started working from home now. With the increase in operations from home offices, the need of a capable Multi-function photocopier has gone up. There are lot of companies that sell these devices. However, almost every copier uses one of the two available printing technologies (Inkjet or laser).

Here are the some of the key differences between these technologies:

  • Inkjet printers are usually cheaper to buy but more costly to operate. If you don’t print much, inkjet printer is more reasonable as it still gives you an option to scan and copy.
  • Laser printing are more suitable for printing documents. On the other hand, inkjet can print quality pictures
  • Inkjet Printers are usually less bulky and compact as compared to Laser.


Here at Copier Earth We have large selection of Laser multi-function photocopiers which can help you in maximizing document management efficiency from home

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